Guide to Play the Rise of Kingdoms on PC on BlueStacks

playing a game on PC

Since playing Rise of Kingdoms usually takes a long time, players often have problems with their phones’ batteries. Many players prefer to play the sport while charging their phones or near a charger or charging station. Now, for most gamers, charging their phones whenever they want will probably be enough to play the game. However, some may prefer to play Rise of Kingdoms on PC. Playing on a PC doesn’t require you to hold your phone for long periods, which is rotten for your phone, and you can multitask while playing on the computer.

playing gameRegarding the phenomenon above, it could make you a bit overwhelmed. This game is not available on PCs. It is why you will need to install a game emulator, such as BlueStacks. It allows you to play the same specific version of the game on your computer. However, you might encounter some bugs and issues while using the app. If you plan to overcome this situation, you could check the TechOwns site to improve the app performance. Despite all that, here is a list of steps to follow:

Download BlueStacks

There are probably other superior Android emulators to play with. However, some people have been excited about using Bluestacks to play Rise of Kingdoms on my PC. Probably the only major drawback to using Bluestacks is the annoying ads that try to appear. Sometimes they force you to pick up a particular game, which is quite irritating. Therefore, you might need to determine your goals and control your patient.

Install BlueStacks

Don’t worry if you have trouble installing Bluestacks. It is simple. The installation menu is effortless to understand. Just click on the “Install” button, and you’re all set. Just make sure you avoid any inserted advertisements or junk software that the installer tries to install on your PC. Therefore, you could continue to the next step.

Connect the Account

connecting accountIt is how you install Rise of Kingdoms on phones. Then, you will need to connect your old Facebook/Google Play account. You can find the Rise of Kingdoms profile in the top left corner of your screen. Just click on that link and choose the option you want. Therefore, you could play the game with other players online.

Complete the Setting

After installing the game, there is still something to do. One of the essential things is to complete the setting. For instance, your account might not be connected to the game. It means you still have to play at least until the end of the tutorial for your account in sports. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure everything before launching the game.

When you have finished all the tutorials, go back to the Account option. From there, click on Change and select the option you want. Besides, it would be best to ensure you are logged into your account before changing it. Don’t worry about your phone’s battery because you can play non-stop on your PC. Therefore, you won’t need to worry and play the game comfortably.