Avid gamers know the importance of comfort when playing. Some players love a large screen monitor, as it is the best way to immerse yourself in the digital world. For others, the portability and space-saving features of a laptop work well. For some gamers, the laptop versus desktop for gaming debate is still open. Let us see how the two compare as below:


Laptops are portable, and you can enjoy your game anywhere you go. Desktops, on the other hand, anchor you to one place. You also have to contend with the wiring, which you must do to set it up.


A desktop allows for customization that you may not achieve with a laptop. All you need is a basic understanding of hardware or computer systems, and you can tweak it to your heart’s content. Laptops are compact, and most of their components are custom-made to fit. You may not have much leeway in what you can remove or add. 

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Cost and Peripherals

The cost of the laptop or desktop will depend on the specs or configurations. However, a cursory price comparison shows that it is cheaper to buy a desktop. You may, however, need certain modifications to enjoy your gaming. You may want a larger monitor or keyboard specific to your needs. You may also need to spend a little bit more on buying headphones and speakers.

Laptops may have inbuilt features such as speakers that work for gaming. The screen size is, however, small, which will impact the resolution. The touchpad is also not the best feature when gaming. You may end up requiring a mouse to enjoy a fast-paced movement that most games require.

GPU Specs

Graphic cards are large and will fit quite well on a desktop. In laptops, the mobile version GPU is in the cramped interior space so that it does not add to the overall weight. The GPU can get hot, and the cooling system for the laptop may not be sufficient. You must, therefore, make the relevant changes so that it can handle the higher temperatures.

Mobile GPUs also have the disadvantage of being weaker while still more costly. You can use an external GPU, but it is bulky. 

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Gaming; Which Is the Better Option

It all comes down to you as an individual. However, the desktop has features that may make gaming better from the above. The price point is better, and the monitor size is bigger, thus better resolution. You can also upgrade or customize it to what you prefer. The one place the laptop trumps the desktop is on portability.