Seven Most Essential Accessories for Your Drone

Aerial photography has continued to grow strongly over the last five years. If you have followed this trend and purchased a camera, you will have a lot of fun with it. But after spending some time with the drone, it may not look like the fantastic images you saw on Instagram. Although there are many drones with chargers under 100 dollars, you should also consider getting other essential accessories. All photographers depend on additional accessories to make their lives easier and take their photos and movies one step further. Here are some of the very useful drone accessories that I used to improve the video quality result.

Drone accessories

Extra Propellers and Propeller Guards

Propellers are the most sensitive part of a drone. You must always have extra propellers with you if you want to fly your drone. In case of a plane crash, the drone’s propellers are the first parts that can break. I have enough experience with drones and have flown with more than 20 different drones. They are not mandatory, but they are very useful when flying indoors or in a limited space. In the last six months, I have used propeller guards only once or twice, but most people use them every day.

Extra Battery

droneDrone technology has come a long way in recent decades. The latest DJI Phantom 4 Guru offers a flight time of 30 minutes, according to their website. Taking into account the time required for ascent and landing, 20 minutes are available for recording. So be sure to buy another battery pack or more for reliable backup at all times. If you own the Phantom 4 Pro, you can choose to upgrade the quick charger instead of the included battery pack. The P4 Pro will most likely be recharged in 40 minutes, compared to 65 minutes with the standard charger.

Extra Battery Charger

The extra battery power creates a fantastic business as long flight time as possible, but they also need to be recharged. If you have two or more batteries, and each battery takes sixty minutes to maintain, the standby time can quickly increase to hours if the extra batteries are idle. Therefore, it is best to buy an additional charger, or even better, you can choose the multiple chargers, which allows you to check the batteries simultaneously.

Vehicle Battery Charger

droneWhenever you are on the road, and the only power source you have is your car battery, getting a car charger for your drone is extremely important. So if you have one or three electric batteries, then every time you are on the road, you will probably eat up all the energy sooner or later. So what you need is to control your batteries when you are not somewhere near your main power stage.

Tablet or iPad

Controlling a drone can be uncomfortable if you handle it with the smartphone’s online video feed. The screen is too small to see what is happening in the environment otherwise. So you buy a trusted tablet PC with a screen big enough to provide a trusted movie. The Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, or other equivalent tablets with sufficient processor speed are usually great opportunities depending on your budget.

ND Filter

From the light that goes to the camera lens and takes care of the camera’s small shakes, increasing the movement’s blur, the use of an ND filter is a smart choice. ND filters are essential. In my opinion, they make the Phantom series drones look more cinematic, and they are because they do not significantly stress the gimbal system of a drone. The latest P4 Pro Gimbal is very light and fragile, and you can use it to balance your drone resulting in a stabilized video.




Benefits of Using Spyware Applications

If you are thinking of adding spyware programs to remove unwanted spybots from your computer, you might think you have only one advantage. You are protecting your personal information from this kind of unwanted spies. Using spyware removal programs has several advantages. Think about the following benefits you probably did not think about when you purchased your spyware removal software and read some phone monitoring app FAQ to become more familiar in spyware applications.

Speed Up Your Computer


Maybe you have noticed that it takes an eternity to start a program on your PC? These problems are usually not caused by your computer, but by the spyware on your PC. If you purchase spyware programs to remove these unwanted pests, you will be surprised at how quickly your computer works. It may seem that you have bought a new computer. Almost all modern spyware programs can even prevent the type of spyware from getting back into your computer. Think about how nice it will be not to have to worry about a slow computer any more.

Stop Pop-Ups

Every time your computer is infected with spyware and adware, you will probably find countless pop-ups every week. This can cost you valuable time or fun if you always close pop-ups. Some spyware programs even redirect your browser. But spyware programs can stop these annoying redirections and make sure your browser is not redirected.

Keep Your Friends Safe


Many spyware programs are created to hijack phone lists. Family and friends will not be happy when they find out that your inbox is full of spam because your contact list has been stolen. There is no way to prevent it unless you have received an antispyware program. If you received your contact online or stored it on your computer, you are at risk. There is no need to lose good friends due to an annoying spyware program. Do not waste your computer in the terrible living conditions where spyware, adware, and malware sites work.…


How to Fix DLL Problems

Xul.dll is a set of data used in the “FireFox” browser to allow you to download and process numerous pages online. Unfortunately, it is also very likely that many problems cause several different errors to be revealed when trying to use Firefox. This thing is quite easy to fix, and although many people deal with it on their computer daily, it is probably fixed relatively quickly and easily. To know more tips about DLL errors, visit the Thetechhacker website.

Reinstall Your Browser

The first thing to do to fix this error is to reinstall Firefox. This will remove the application from your PC and eventually delete xul.dll with it. You need to download this installer and install the latest edition of Firefox on your system, which should update the xul.dll file.

Update the File

If it doesn’t work, you should try updating xul.dll by simply downloading a new copy of the Registry and then putting it on your computer. This can replace the old Registry using a new variant, which should correct the error you see.

Install an Antivirus

Once these steps are completed, you can also consider using an antivirus program to remove any of these virus infections that distort the xul.dll file. This is a quick and fairly easy process to do; all you need to do is download an antivirus program and have it scan your PC to remove any of those complaints that could damage your system.

Use a Registry Cleaner


You should also try a Registry Cleaner to solve this problem. One of the main reasons why Windows keeps getting errors in DLL files is how the “Registry” gets damaged or corrupted. The Registry contains a basic memory list of all DLL files on your PC (called “DLL path references”). It can be exactly what every application program on your system uses to load individual DLL files onto your system. This list gets corrupted regularly and prevents programs like Firefox from navigating to the necessary DLL files.…